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Poaching Targets

As per OMJ 7.4.1, Ronin Fleet does not restrict its members from inviting members of other fleets to join Ronin Fleet. In the SiMM world, this is known as "poaching". Different fleets take differing views on this practice, and actually, Ronin Fleet will actively target those fleets with the most grim view of the practice.

Please note that OMJ 7.4.1 also stipulates that if a Ronin Fleet member is caught poaching and asked to stop, that person must do so, or risk penalties under OUR regulations. The OMJ Code does not say that such a person can not then hand the job of poaching off to his next senior officer, or anyone else under his or her command...

The Active List

Obsidian Fleet

This was the fleet that Ronin Fleet grew from. The OF JFC is a tyrannical bunch of people who, when it struck them, chose to freeze their JAG people out of their email accounts and thus prevent them from really doing their jobs. They also have a dim view of poaching, saying it hurts the fleet, and the SIMM community in general. (We of course, think the opposite.)

Bravo Fleet

Bravo Fleet is another one of the old-school fleets, and they have also taken a grim view on poaching ... which makes them the perfect target for us. In a recent conversation, we discovered that they do not allow other fleets to advertise on their forum, which is simply dumb. Participation in one fleet does not, nor should not, prohibit participation in another fleet.

The Do Not Target List

The following fleets either do not have policies discouraging poaching, or they have simply been friendly and supportive to us in the past. With that in mind, while you are not prohibited from poaching from these fleets, we would ask that you consider doing so as a last resort.

Theta Fleet

Some of the fleet members here were really helpful in getting Ronin Fleet set up, and they have a more permissive view on inviting someone to join other fleets.

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